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Crafting is an option unlocked after completing three levels, allowing you to break down items for components and craft new ones using recipes. Most components are also obtainable separately from chests at the end of levels.

Components[edit | edit source]

Salvaging[edit | edit source]

Any equipment found or bought can be broken down. They award different materials and different quantities based on what you salvage.


Quality Color # of resources
Magic Blue 1
Rare Yellow 3
Epic Golden-brown 12
Ancient Green 35
Godlike Purple 45

Salvage Warning[edit | edit source]

When salvaging anything epic grade or higher, you will be asked to confirm.

Salvage warning.jpg

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

Ancient and godlike items can be upgraded with random attributes.

  • Ancient = 5 upgrades
  • Godlike = 10 upgrades

Upgrade costs[edit | edit source]

Level Resource ammount (optional / alternative)

Dream shards

1 20 15 1500
2 30 25 2500
3 35 30 3000
4 40 35 3500
5 45 40 4000
6 50 45 4500
7 55 50 5000
8 60 55 5500
9 65 60 6000
10 70 65 6500

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Required to craft certain equipment. Obtainable as drops from loot chests or sold in the store.


Recipe idle.png

Recipe Names[edit | edit source]

Schema: Legendary Amulet

Schema: Legendary Ring

Schema: Legendary Belt

Schema: Legendary Staff

Schema: Legendary Polearm

Schema: Legendary Crossbow

Schema: Legendary Marksman Armor

Schema: Legendary Hat

Schema: Legendary Mercenary Armor

Schema: Legendary Mercenary Helm

Schema: Legendary Sorceress Armor

Schema: Legendary Mask

Schema: Advanced Crossbow

Schema: Runecrafted Amulet

Schema: Runecrafted Ring

Schema: Runecrafted Belt

Schema: Runecrafted Staff

Schema: Runecrafted Polearm

Schema: Runecrafted Crossbow

Schema: Runecrafted Marksman Armor

Schema: Runecrafted Hat

Schema: Runecrafted Mercenary Armor

Schema: Runecrafted Helm

Schema: Runecrafted Sorceress Armor

Schema: Runecrafted Mask

Schema: Runecrafted Ring of Luck

Schema: Runecrafted Amulet of Luck

Schema: Runecrafted Belt of Luck

Schema: Runecrafted Staff of Might

Schema: Runecrafted Polearm of Sharpness

Schema: Runecrafted Crossbow of Suffering

Schema: Runecrafted Cloak of Defense

Schema: Runecrafted Hat of Defense

Schema: Runecrafted Mercenary Armor of Defense

Schema: Runecrafted Helm of Defense

Schema: Runecrafted Sorceress Armor of Defense

Schema: Runecrafted Mask of Defense

Schema: Ring of Luck

Schema: Amulet of Luck

Schema: Belt of Luck

Schema: Ring of Strength

Schema: Ring of Ice

Schema: Ring of Fire

Schema: Ring of Poison

Schema: Ring of Lightning

Schema: Cloak of Focus

Schema: Hat of Focus

Schema: Amulet of Health

Schema: Ring of Health

Schema: Belt of Health

Schema: Masterwork Staff

Schema: Masterwork Polearm

Schema: Masterwork Crossbow

Schema: Cloak of Defense

Schema: Hat of Defense

Schema: Mercenary Armor of Defense

Schema: Helm of Defense

Schema: Sorceress Armor of Defense

Schema: Mask of Defense

Schema: Basic Ring

Schema: Basic Belt

Schema: Basic Amulet

Schema: Ring of Swiftness

Schema: Lightning Amulet

Schema: Belt of Strength

Schema: Quality Staff

Schema: Quality Polearm