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Hunter Full.png
Type Ranged spellcaster
Starting attributes Health: 700
Focus: 100
Damage: 200
Armor: 5

The Marksman is one of three hero classes in Deathtrap. He is a ranged fighter, though unlike the Sorceress, he focuses on dealing damage directly through his ranged weapons and traps, rather than spells.

He cloaks automatically after 2 seconds without attacking monsters, becoming invisible and regenerating Focus.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Marksman is a legendary hunter, known for his vast collection of monster trophies. His foray into the fortress ruins was originally intended to be a special hunting trip to complete his collection - but turned out to be something more once it became obvious that the second swarm was coming.

Starting gear[edit | edit source]


Skills[edit | edit source]

Marksman's skill set focuses on damage over time, ranged and poison traps. See Marksman skills for more information.

General Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Marksman relies more on the damage output of his traps than his own skills, and is a bit of a slow-starter; his very useful skills don't unlock until level 20. His general attack skill is fast and light with an area of effect, similar to a Gun Turret, and also has the problem of not doing well against Armored opponents. He relies more on a numbers game; he has a very effective skillset for boosting the Essence he gets from enemies via traps and skills for reducing the costs of traps, allowing him to build a larger number of them than normal.

In terms of direct combat skills he can do brief bursts of strong damage against opponents if he can get into very close range, which is risky, but not heavy sustained damage.