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Sorceress Full.png
Type Ranged spellcaster
Starting attributes Health: 600
Mana: 100
Damage: 150
Armor: 5

The Sorceress is one of three hero classes in Deathtrap. As the name suggests, she is a purely ranged combatant, relying on her broad range of spells to rout enemy hordes.

Background[edit | edit source]

Unlike the Marksman and the Warrior, who find themselves in the role of protector of the Ink by accident, the Sorceress has trained for this since childhood. She is a willing defender and stands against the Swarm with conviction worthy of this higher cause.

Starting gear[edit | edit source]


Equipment options[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Sorceress's skills and spells focus on elemental damage dealing, debuffs and buffing mystical traps. For more information, see Sorceress skills.

General Notes[edit | edit source]

The Sorceress is a damage-dealing, crowd control powerhouse, right from the early levels. Her normal attack slows or freezes; her initial Lightning skill can stun, do a lot of damage and be used very frequently when its cost is dropped; her one Trap Boost Aura trap boost AoE skill is so effective it takes two separate simultaneous skills from the Marksman to match the damage boost, and; she can hit every active enemy on the map with a massive debuff, damage or both.

In terms of economy she can't boost her income very much compared to the other two classes, instead relying on a smaller number of more powerful turrets with focused builds, and applying her own skills in any areas where it looks like enemies are breaking through. It is more recommended to focus skills into the higher ranged Tower traps than the floor traps so less turrets can cover a larger area, ideally multiple lanes, and instead of spreading out upgrades into a wide variety of turrets focus them into a key few to make them very effective: one Mechanical type, one Mystic type, and between them make sure one is good against Swarms and the other Armored (such as a combination of the Gun Sentry and Lightning Pillar). A good ranged floor panel option to put some points into is the Archer Post.

To compensate for this massive damage output the Sorceress is far and away the most fragile of the classes. She cannot take very much damage at all, relying more on killing her enemies before they can get to her. Be very, very aware of enemy attacks especially ranged ones that leave a Damage over Time effect on the floor; remember, dying also costs you a health point off of the end portal which could, in turn, cost you one of the completion Stars for a level; you need to complete the level with no portal damage at all to get all stars.