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Warrior Full.png
Type Close combat tank
Starting attributes Health: 1300
Rage: 100
Damage: 200
Armor: 5

The Mercenary is one of three hero classes in Deathtrap. He is a tank-type character, designed for fighting enemy hordes in close quarters using strength and speed.

Background[edit | edit source]

A washed-up old mercenary who accepted the contract to guard the derelict fortresses as a safe, stable job to see him through retirement. The re-appearance of the swarm after a thousand years of inactivity has put a damper on these plans, as he scrambles to defend the portals into the Ink against the enemies.

Starting gear[edit | edit source]


Skills[edit | edit source]

Mercenary's skill set focuses on physical damage, mechanical traps and buffing summoned creatures. See Mercenary skills for more information.

General Notes[edit | edit source]

The Mercenary is designed to be a front-line decoy, drawing as many enemies as possible towards him and taking their damage away from summoned allies, while he builds up Rage to unleash one strong strike against the drawn enemies. He will take far more attacks than the other two classes put together but is far tougher than them. In terms of skills he focuses more on the Summoning traps and their summoned allies, and more on Physical damage. He can be quite effective at controlling the enemies in a narrow area but may have trouble dealing with a wave of enemies coming from multiple widely spread out lanes at once.